Damian Simon Peter

Hi, I am Damian Simon Peter a software developer based in Waterloo, Ontario. I have spent the past years working for early-stage startups, building backend and frontend applications primarily using Ruby and JavaScript. I own a System76 Galago Pro running Pop!_OS and absolutely love it.

Setting up a local kubernetes cluster with Minikube and Hyperkit

17 June, 2020

Working with GKE or any managed Kubernetes service can be fun but having to constantly update deployments and pods specifications on a…

Understanding Elixir's Pin Operator

28 April, 2020

The best way to understand Elixir’s pin operator ^ is with relatable examples. Problem: Users are allowed to change their passwords…

Creating a DSL with Ruby

20 April, 2020

Domain-Specific Languages (DSLs) provides a fluent interface with a higher level of abstraction, optimized for dealing with a specific class…

Introduction to Transport and Message Level Security in web services SOAP and REST

30 August, 2018

Imagine calling your mum one weekend and telling her everything about your potential girlfriend – what you like about her and why you want…

Using Bundler with Sinatra

23 March, 2018

If you plan to deploy your sinatra application to a PaaS like Heroku or any other service, you will benefit a whole lot from using Bundler…

File Upload In React

01 March, 2017

It turns out that uploading file with react is pretty easy and not different from the way it’s done in plain JavaScript. Let’s do it now You…

Custom Sequence In Postgres

26 February, 2017

I almost got frustrated this weekend after trying to mass update a column in Postgres with sequential numbers for each row. The table…