About me

Hi, I am Damian Simon Peter, a software developer based in Waterloo, Ontario. I have spent the past years working for early-stage startups, building backend and frontend applications primarily using Ruby and JavaScript. Most of my tinkering is done on a System76 Galago Pro running Pop!_OS.


I started tinkering with computers in the summer of 2009, after which I decided to pursue a career in Networking. Shortly after spending a year working as an intern Network engineer with a company in Lagos, I discovered Visual Basic 6 and fell in love with it. I spent the next two years building desktop applications on Windows using VB6 as a freelancer. Dreamincode.net was my then StackOverflow all help I could get was sourced from devs on the forum. Then came my discovery of classic ASP and IIS, then PHP and Apache. After a while, I got bored with the web and wanted to build for mobile using the same web technologies. I later stumbled upon Apache Cordova and ionic/Angular framework which I used to build mobile apps for iOS and Android on the intel SDK.

In 2014, I heard about Node.js and was super excited. What got me excited was the idea of having a universal language (JavaScript) for cross-platform development. Since I already used JavaScript on the web and for mobile development, thoughts of using it as a server-side language were intriguing. In late 2015, I joined an outsourcing company where I got introduced to Ruby, Rails, React, and Backbonejs. I spent the last four years working primarily with RubyOnRails with a little bit of elixir. My full-time job currently involves writing lots of PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, and recently, go lang code.


Books purchased on Amazon - 37.764640, -122.427937, San Francisco, 2017

What am I reading now ?

I am reading several books at the moment. Here is a picture of me holding one of my favorites.


Other newer books in my collections includes

  1. Wriing and interpreter in Go
  2. The Hidden Language of Compuer Hardware and Software
  3. Operating Systems Three Easy Pieces
  4. The Elements of Computing Systems

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